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The services FB Kedjor offers are there to increase value and safety for you, the customer. They make your working day simpler while also improving your overall finances. This is achieved by planned maintenance and regular inspections and status assessments. We also offer training for your personnel, to ensure that operation is as safe and efficient as possible.

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When you buy chains and equipment from FB Kedjor, we can also fit and install them on request – whatever the size and complexity of the project. This makes sure it’s right from the start, and you save time. Our installation engineers undergo rigorous training and have specific FB certification. This guarantees safety, quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Regular servicing and planned maintenance guarantee a longer life for your machinery and equipment, while also minimizing the risk of sudden, costly stoppages.


Regular inspections ensure that you are aware of the chains’ status and the condition of the peripheral equipment. They provide a good foundation for service planning and a safer working environment. We can carry out inspections on entire machine systems and plants, as well as selected parts.


Conceptualization is the term we use when we develop customer-unique designs. Our long, far-reaching experience makes us the ideal business partner when it comes to new technical solutions. We often develop these solutions in association with our sister companies in the Addtech group. This means that as a customer, you have access to an extensive network of cutting-edge skills and expertise.


Training your operation and maintenance personnel prevents stoppages and workplace accidents. And when production personnel have greater knowledge and understanding of their area of responsibility, their dedication increases. Maintenance becomes more extensive and leads to greater efficiency, a better working environment, and better finances for your company.

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