Custom chains

Customized designs in special materials, with specially adapted carriers

Because FB Kedjor has production in-house, we can cost-effectively develop custom chains fully in line with customer specifications. We do this using modern laser cutting technology, without expensive tooling costs.

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    Mining and metal industry

    Conveyor chains for dirty, heavy-duty applications.


    Hardened chains that are resistant to shock and wear.

    Automotive industry

    Dependable chains adapted to the automotive industry.


    Custom chains that can take a good deal of wear and impact.

    Paper mills

    Chains for tough wood and reel management.


    Conveyor chains for heavy operation in dusty environments.

    Heating plants

    Conveyor chains for safe fuel feeding and ash transport.


    Chains designed for extreme conditions.

    Food industry

    Custom roller chains for conveying food. Standard chains for engine operation, for example.