Conveyor chains

In-house manufacturing with superior quality

At FB Kedjor, we manufacture conveyor chains of different kinds for different industries, such as the mechanical engineering, forest and pulp, chemicals and food sectors. The chains are always hardened and meet our customers’ stringent requirements on breaking strength, impact resistance, press fit and weldability. They are made with high precision according to Swedish and international standards, and can of course be adapted to the wishes and requirements of each individual customer.

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Mining and metal industry

Conveyor chains for dirty, heavy-duty applications.


Hardened chains that are resistant to shock and wear.

Automotive industry

Dependable chains adapted to the automotive industry.


Custom chains that can take a good deal of wear and impact.

Paper mills

Chains for tough wood and reel management.


Conveyor chains for heavy operation in dusty environments.

Heating plants

Conveyor chains for safe fuel feeding and ash transport.


Chains designed for extreme conditions.