Discover the Chain of Success.

Move your company onwards and upwards with FB Kedjor as your business partner. Whether you transport iron ore in a mine or fragile chocolates in a confection factory, we can refine and improve everything relating to conveyor systems. That’s because we know our customers’ processes, and can take on any challenge. Please contact us, and let us know where you would like to make your operation even better. Together we can boost your company’s finances and environmental work.

This is FB Kedjor

FB Kedjor develops, manufactures and sells high-quality chains and accessories for industry and the public sector. Our products make working systems safer, while also being resource and cost efficient. With more than 100 years in the business, FB Kedjor is home to a huge amount of knowledge and experience. We use this in developing new products and groundbreaking technical solutions. At FB Kedjor, we like to be on the cutting edge. We are driven by a desire to meet customers’ challenges, and we always add value – both technically and financially. Think of us as your first-choice partner and advisor in all things related to mechanical conveyor systems.

Sustainability is the starting point

Sustainability is an important watchword – not only for FB Kedjor but for the whole world. If a company is to be vital and progress as a going concern, sustainability has to be a key element of everything it does. It’s about fostering people’s knowledge and experience, and making sure that work takes place safely and securely, without the risk of mental strain or personal injury. It’s also about not wasting valuable energy and resources on outdated conveyer systems or unnecessary detours. At FB Kedjor, all our work on developing new products and solutions includes people, the environment and sustainability as part of the fundamental starting-point.

Our operation

FB Kedjor works exclusively with high-quality products. And the reason is simple: chains and accessories that have a guaranteed long life – and are safe to handle – lead to better economy for you, the customer. It’s all about long-term thinking. For the best possible results, FB Kedjor also offers product installation and follow-up. As well as equipment produced in-house, our range now also includes products from other manufacturers. Just like FB Kedjor, these companies are among the very best in the business.

Large standard stock for fast delivery

FB Kedjor keeps a large supply of spare parts to help assure our customers’ operations. It is always well-stocked and optimized, as many years of selling chains have taught us what our customers need, and when. From receiving an order, our warehouse dispatches within 24 hours.

FB in the world

FB Group has 170 employees and operates globally with local presence in 8 European countries. Since the start for more than 100 years ago, we have been developing, producing and selling high quality chains and equipment to the industry with focus on safety, quality and efficiency.

Austria –
+43 5372 614 66
Finland –
+358 207 199 460
France –
+33 789 62 24 15
Germany –
+49 2973 979 140
Norway –
+47 23 65 33 90
Switzerland –
+41 79 620 50 97
United Kingdom –
+44 1462 670 844

Part of the Addtech group

In 2001, FB Kedjor and its associated companies were incorporated into Addtech, a technical trading group. This gave us access to even more high-tech expertise, including in industrial components and systems. With Addtech behind us, we can offer more customer-unique solutions. For you, the customer, this means even better products and optimized production processes.

With a great history

FB Kedjor is a proud company with a long history and deep roots. Eskilstuna itself and its corporate culture play an important role because “Fristaden” was built here in 1771. Workers in the iron, steel and metal industries were encouraged to settle down with favorable conditions and tax reliefs, which gathered the Swedish expertise. In the 1870s, Adolf Fredrik Hedengran started a factory for the manufacture of iron and steel products and thus the foundation was laid for today’s FB Kedjor. Over the years, entrepreneurship and innovation have propelled the company forward and in 1908 the company was formed that still remains today. The first chain was manufactured in 1912 and thanks to skilled employees with great commitment and faith in the future, we are still market leaders in the industry.