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Our vision is: To make a difference for man, the environment and industry. We believe in a sustainable world where people evolve, are given peace of mind and feel secure. Through trust we build long-term relationships, because working together has the greatest impact.

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At FB Kedjor, we find it extremely important to take responsibility when it comes to the environmental threats we all are facing. Therefore we have developed a solution from which both the environment and the wallet will benefit from. With this solution, we want to make it easy for you and your company to take action against the enviromental threats. Read more here.


We have a commitment to reduce FB Kedjors and our customers CO2 emissions. Click here and scroll down for more information.

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FB Kedjor offers installation, servicing and inspection of all kinds of conveyor systems, including ones from other manufacturers. We are happy to help design new chains and peripheral systems, and to consult in other related areas of industry. We also offer training to boost knowledge and confidence among your workforce and make your operation safer.

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Wood Recycling is now part of FB Kedjor, which means that we now also offer our customers Bark shredders, accessories and service.


Reference projects

Customer: SSAB

Our assignment: SSAB and FB Kedjor have been working together for many years. Together we develop solutions, test materials and develop each other’s business.


Roller chains

Wear rails

Reference projects

Customer: E.ON

Our assignment: In a business that provides heat and electricity to hundreds of thousands of people, operations must never stand still.


Conveyor chains

Wear rails

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