Wear rails & guide rails

The right material and design

Depending on the operating environment and nature of the application, the support and bearing surfaces of the chain vary. Here at FB Kedjor, we consider everything that impacts on wear and abrasion, and can even calculate and predict wear rates depending on the conditions and choice of material. We offer materials from polyethylene and polyurethane, through stainless, acid-resistant and cast steel, to tempered high-strength steels such as TOOLOX and HARDOX.

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    Heating plants

    Conveyor chains for safe fuel feeding and ash transport.

    Paper mills

    Chains for tough wood and reel management.


    Wear rails and guide rails that are resistant to shock and abrasion.


    Wear rails and guide rails that are resistant to shock loads and abrasion.


    Wear rails for heavy operation in dusty environments.

    Mining and metal industry

    Wear rails for dirty, heavy-duty applications.