Leaf chains

Safe handling with simplified installation and greater operational reliability.

Leaf chains are primarily used in different types of safety-critical lifting applications. FB Kedjor manufactures safety-critical chains for lifting. Lifting applications are often associated with personal safety, which is why FB Kedjor’s leaf chains have a chain of custody marking on each metre, traceable right back to the raw material. We focus on genuine quality, where the bearing area in the chain is crucial to the service life, rather than simply meeting the breaking-load requirements stipulated in the standard. If you need help with design or measuring and identification or have any other questions related to leaf chains, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    Lifting chains with accompanying mounting systems, for a wide range of different truck sizes.


    Lifting chains with accompanying mounting systems for safe installation in human conveyance systems, such as lifts.

    Forest machines

    Leaf chains for use in tough environments, such as the forest industry.