15/02 2021

Moelven Valåsen

FB Kedjor reduces our cost per produced product.” UH-Technician Jan-Erik Stålenmark at Moelven Valåsen’s sawmill in Karlskoga.

An example was recurring production disruptions and maintenance hours for beam replacements, chain replacements and repairs on the parcel conveyor saw, which now only is a memory for the employees at Moelven Valåsen.

The parcel transporter at Moelven Valåsen pulls large timber packages every day, sometimes in double layers, which the trucks then pick up. The previous construction (type E chain with load-bearing roller and raised link washer) meant that there were often dirt on the bottom wood layer from lubricants and contaminants. In addition, the chain often wandered sideways and the trucks pushed packages to the side of the conveyor, which teared on bolt ends and beam sides.

FB Kedjor got the chance to develop a new concept as a solution to these challenges. The package conveyor was provided with a developed chain with a slatted roof, this to avoid dirt imprints on the wood. The wear rail with beams was also adapted to guide the chain and make it move correctly, without wear on bolt ends or the beam sides. On the return part there are now also has plates to lift the chain and at the same time wipe off any dirt from the lamellar roof.

“Thanks to the collaboration with FB Kedjor, we have in this case had a maintenance-free operation since 2015 and we also get fully paid for our products as they maintain a higher quality without dirt and imprints.” 

Thank you Moelven Valåsen for your trust!