03/12 2019


E.ON Norrköping produces district heating and district cooling. The company uses a wide range of different chain types, in environments that are often very aggressive, such as conveying ashes away from the boiler. “We’ve been working with FB Kedjor for a long time, since the late 1990s. Clearly, this shows how pleased we are with them. We buy equipment and services, such as conveyor chains with scrapers, fitting and dismantling of chains and wear rails. I personally have been at E.ON and worked with FB Kedjor since 2015, and I think it all runs very smoothly. FB Kedjor has been in the business for many years, and has extensive knowledge that complements ours well. They help us with preventive maintenance plans and strategies. FB Kedjor complement us in doing our work with high-quality results. They’re also easy to get in touch with, and they answer our questions promptly.” Marcus Thorstensson, Maintenance Engineer, E.ON Norrköping Footnote: Pictured is Maintenance Engineer Kenneth Andersson, E.ON Norrköping