03/12 2019


The Holmen Braviken Paper Mill makes paper used primarily for magazines, books and advertising. The mill has a production capacity of approximately 600,000 tonnes a year.  “Most of the products we buy from FB Kedjor are conveyor chains and accessories for them. Sometimes it’s a major project where the chains and labour are procured together, while on other occasions we purchase individual chains and spare parts. FB Kedjor have helped us out on several occasions when we had problems with chain operation. They suggest improvements, new materials and alternative running methods.  I feel that FB Kedjor’s strength lies in their cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in their segment. I like it when a supplier recommends new solutions and ideas. We need suppliers who are specialists in their field, and who can help us develop our systems and equipment. I find the personnel at FB Kedjor very service-minded, they really want us, as a customer, to be satisfied in the long-term.” Tommy Jonsjö, Maintenance Engineer, Holmen Paper AB