FB Eco Upgrade

FB EcoUpgrade for better environmental and financial results

When FB Kedjor upgrades your system, the focus is always on sustainable solutions – something we call FB EcoUpgrades. It’s a way for you to take your company’s environmental performance to new heights, and also entails financial gains. Let us explain how:


Less raw material
By using steel of higher strength and quality, less raw material is needed. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption during production. It also means less and lighter transportation.

Longer life
Durable materials developed by us for specific operating environments, mean a longer life than with conventional materials. Less service and fewer repairs also keep production up and running for longer periods.

Lower weight
Lower weight means that less energy is needed to run the conveyors. This leads to major savings in terms of energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Higher capacity
Lower material weight and higher material strength mean higher capacity on the conveyor. Greater loads can be conveyed, thereby increasing production efficiency.

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