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”The extension link is the weakest part of the chain”.
This is not the case for FB Kedjor, we have the solution.

  • It facilitates on site assembly with press fitting
  • It can be used on all types of conveyor chain, from M160 to M315 and from A18 to A30
  • It is easy to adjust to fit the most common pitches from 80 mm to 250 mm
  • It is robust and strong yet simple and flexible to handle

Henry 2

Press mounting is simply better!
When a chain link breaks commonly it happens at the extension link. Press fitting supports the chain to withstand powerful impacts and shock loads. Press mounting helps to achieve same quality on the links. These factors combine to ensure a safer operation, less chain breaks and saving of time and money. It can be supplied with or without pump.

Technical data:
Max pressure: 700bar
Compression capacity/piston: 13tons
Weight: 13kg


Do you have time to tension you chains?
Our revolutionary product is an automatic chain tensioner. This works entirely independently, tensioning the entire chain with a constant optimum pressure. Thanks to the hydraulic design you also gain natural protection against jerks and impacts – moreover with significantly reduced noise level. With CS2 you minimize unforeseen production stoppages.


To find out more about the tensioner, watch a demonstration video here

Technical data
Drive: Own or existing hydraulic system
Area of application: Produced and optimised for long and demanindg operatons e.g. timber sorting
Weight: Approx. 400 kg.
Customised installation in existing facility. The wear parts are replaceable.


Safety always comes first – use our wear gauge and replace the chain before the accident.

  • Measures up to 3” (76,2mm)
  • Displays wear as percentage
  • Easy to read and use
  • Calibration window


Our continuous endeavour to offer superior customer service has resulted in an innovative tool. FB wear gauge provides a rapid status indication for your chains. It is easy to use and produces reliable results every time.

To find out more about the wear gauge, watch a demonstration video here