Leaf chains

Safe handling

High reliabilit

Simplified assembly


Leaf chains are mainly used in various types of lifting applications. Our leaf chains always maintain a high an even level of quality. With our own mounting system Mark III® you get a package solution that is easy on both the chain and the lifting equipment. The unique properties that Mark III® offers eliminate breaks in the chain guaranteeing to increase the chain service life.


Besides standard we offer our revolutionary Super Endurance chain – an advanced chain for port applications. Leaf chain FB Super Endurance has seamless bushes pressed into two inner links. This bush is made to be perfectly round thereby increasing the internal bearing area of the chain and its resistance to wear. The addition of O-ring seals helps grease locked inside the bush which again reduces chain wear and extends chain service life.

All the major dimensions and breaking loads are interchangeable with FB standard chain which means that you can safely fit FB Super Endurance chain to any machine currently using standard chain. Do you want to know more? Contact us already today!

Further examples on Leaf Chain designs:


We also offer turning wheels, chain punches, wear gauges and complete renovation kits.


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