KKR – Plastic chain scraper

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FB Kedjor also deliver high-quality water treatment equipment including design, customised manufacturing, service and installation.


In collaboration with the Austrian company Tschuda, we offer high-quality systems at the forefront in terms of technology and reliability. KKR – plastic chain scraper – is an excellent scum removal system for rectangular sedimentaion tanks. The system is characterized by the careful selection of used materials – this in combination with the outstanding design of all the components leads to the strongest overall chain and flight scraper system on the market. These factors combine to produce a superior quality system that ensures minimal energy consumption and minimum wear at the same time.

The system is basically made of chain links, pins with stainless steel core, stainless steel attachments, stainless steel scrapers of hermetically welded rectangular tubes and POM maintenance free sprockets.

The 6” conveyor chain is designed according to US-Standard NCS-720-S for plastic chains with an outstanding breaking load of more than 50kN (5 tons). The elongation under working conditions is marginal.

The unique design with carrying wheels reduces the friction and the scraper flights are held in exact upright position even under heavy loads. The higher modulus of elasticity of stainless steel offers our flights better resistance to bending and torsion compared to flights made of GRP. Drive shafts and idler shafts are designed full length from wall to wall that allows easy adjustments and guarantees exact alignment of chain and scrapers. The drive shaft is driven by a lubricated gear motor via a synthetic drive chain. The drive units are protected by stainless steel covers against unfavorable condensation and corrosion at the electric motor.

The design of the scraper flights with rolling wheels offers an exceptional ease throughout the scraper system; this in combination with the large-sized bearings of the sprockets and drive shafts allows the system to operate during the entire emptying of the tank and thereafter during the final cleaning of the tank.

We also supply other products for water treatment – e.g. aerators, Bio-Blok for biological treatment.

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 30 x 4,6 meter (Tullnerfeld, Austria)  65 X 5,9 meter (Bremen, Germany)
 55,5 x 12 meter (Ingolstadt, Austria)  53 x 6,2 meter (Höxter, Germany) 

Höxter, (Germany)

Orth a.d. Donau, Austria

Orth a.d. Donau, Austria