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FB produces conveyor chains for most industries e.g. mechanical engineeing industry, forest and pulp industry, chemical sector, food industry etc. Our chains satisfy the high demands on breaking strength, impact resistance, press fitting and welding. The strength is derived from excellence of design, materials and construction. FB always selects its materials from the highest quality steels to its own metallurgical specifications. The FB conveyor chain production facility in Finland is one of the most advanced conveyor chain manufacturing unit in Europe. The chains are produced with high precision according to Swedish and international standards and can be customised according to your preferences and requirements.

Our chains are manufactured in accordance with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). This guarantees full replaceability or combining of conveyor chains from different manufacturers. The Swedish standard SMS 2083, the German DIN 8167, the French NF E26-106 and the Finnish SFS 2380 are all in conformity to ISO/R 1977.

A good conveyor chain must be designed to withstand heavy wear and high chock loads. Both pins and sleeves are surface hardened and secured as firmly as possible to the link plates. Our modern and automated production technology enable us to supply a durable chain of even quality.
Two methods are used for the assembly of pins and sleeves:

  • Roller riveting
  • Automatic welding

Roller riveting is a cold riveting method where a considerable force is used to hammer the pins against the side plates. The precision punching method ensures a precise fit between the pin or bush and the side plate and results in consistent contact between the components over the whole thickness of the plate. This provides an extreme strength that can support considerable lateral forces. CNC controlled automatic welding machines are used for the welding guaranteeing a very even quality. These factors combine to produce a superior quality conveyor chain with ability to withstand heavy wear and high chock loads with a significantly improved fatigue life.


We invest a lot in maintaining high quality and reliability of our products.
In addition to our own measurements and tests, we also rely on tests conducted by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and other laboratories within the field.
The QC is in accordance with SFS 2380 standard.

The product development has had a central place within the company since start and is done in cooperation with users, suppliers and various research institutes. By examining different raw materials and trying out different options, we continuously seek more optimized products. The FB conveyor chain production facility is one of the most advanced conveyor chain manufacturing unit in Europe.


The Profile chain – Scandinavia’s strongest chain
The chain is also known as FB 500 Green Chain – an innovation among conveyor chains. Although it has much higher breaking load compared to its competitors in the class, it is environmentally friendly consuming less material and energy saving natural resources. It is a cost-effective chain solution that offers clear economic benefits and safe operation.

FB 500 Green chain has been developed in cooperation with conveyor designers, operating and maintenance personnel from timber handling within the wood processing industry. It is especially designed for pulp and paper mills, sawmills, biomass and energy and other heavy industries. Its welded pins and bushes as standard makes it the right choice for demanding chain applications with high demands on breaking load




The standard version is already wide but in some applications an even wider range is needed. We can supply customized according to your preferences.

Thanks to the steel structure the chain can easily be adapted with welded attachments. The user can also execute this himself with welding electrode OK 48.00 or for MIG welding wire Autrod 12.51 (ESAB).


All parts of the chain such as side plates, pins and bushes are very wear resistant. This partly because of the:

  • Thickness of side plates
  • Hardness of side plates (HB200-220)
  • Large bearing surface between pin and bush
  • Surface hardness of pin and bush
  • Bushes hardened from the inside

The wear-resistant properties and high resistance to shock load make this chain the right choice for demanding applications, e.g. timber industries where timber falls directly on the chains or pieces of wood is trapped between the chain and the sprocket.

The profile chain – FB 500 Green Chain – has low weight that allows high speeds. It also contributes to lower power consumption to run the chain.



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