FB Kedjor is a proud company with long history and deep roots both geographically and corporate culturally in Eskilstuna ”the free town” – a town that has delivered and continues to deliver nationally and internationally known leading companies.


FB Chaines SARL in France was formed, the FB Group’s sixth subsidiary.


Bergman & Beving purchased the shares in FB Industry, making it the principal owner of the FB Group. B&B was subsequently divided into three sections with the FB group forming a part of Addtech which is now listed on the Stockholm stock exchange.


FB Ketten GmbH was established in Germany and in Austria, the FB Group’s fourth and fifth subsidiary.


Some bigger changes to the operation were implemented. The conveyor systems operation was sold and the company decided to focus solely on chain manufacture, the FB Group was formed. FB Industri was also established to act as the parent company for the Group.


A Norwegian company was formed under the name Norsk efbe.


All manufacture of conveyor chains was transferred to the Finnish company FB Ketjutekniikka OY (today FB Ketjus Oy).


FB Chain Ltd was established in the UK.


The chain division was sold to a private individual, who subsequently sold the company to a Dutch investment company.


The company also began selling conveyor systems.


Eskilstuna Fabriks AB slås ihop med Bulten Kanthal AB, i samband med hopslagningen bildas en kedjedivision.


Eskilstuna Fabriks AB merged with Bulten Kanthal AB, in conjunction with the merger a chain division was formed.


The company was purchased by the newly formed Eskilstuna Fabriks AB. Working under this name, it produced chains for the first time in 1912.


The factory was taken over by Eskilstuna Smidesprodukter AB, after which production focused on a range of bolts.


Eskilstuna grew enormously during the industrial revolution and became one of the most important industrial cities of Sweden. Our history starts here.
Adolf Fredrik Hedengran established a factory in the center of Eskilstuna for the manufacture of iron and steel products, the foundation of FB Kedjor.


In 1771 the King Adolf Fredrik founded the ”free town” where manufacturers and craftsmen within the steel industry were allowed to established tax-free workshops and factories. They were given preferential discount loans, land and advices.